Finn is a Dutch filmmaker who expresses herself in various mediums such as directing, photography and dance.
She works with many dancers/creatives and companies from all sizes that have passion, purpose and a story to tell.

Producer: Stichting Theater Schip
(Movement) Direction: Finn van Drenth 
Director of Photography/Edit: Quinten Pos
Choreography: Maite Levy & Daria Titova
Talent: Maite Levy & Eloy Cojal
Costume Design: Eva Julia Mogendorff
Music: Paul Grieshammer & Rosa Berman

Michael Jackson - The Dance Tribute

Producer/Editor: Pim hegeman
Directed: Finn van Drenth
Executive Producer: Daan Geurts
Director of Photography: Joep Hegeman
1st Camera Assistent/Grading: Sam van Vugt
2nd Camera Assistant: Aiden Strijckers
Gaffer: Olivier van der Meulen
Best Boy: Wouter Schouten
Best Boy: David Eberson

(Creative) Direction/Choreography: Jennifer Romen
Assistent Director: Finn van Drenth
Director of Photography/Edit: Finn van Drenth
1st Camera Assistent: Gijs Bakker

Commissioned: Proeftuin DANS & Elisabeth Strouven Fonds
ARTA Company  - Blossoms

Directed: Tamara Arruti
Director of Photography/Edit: Finn van Drenth

Special Thanks: Restaurant MOMUS

Production: Company XV
Directed: Tamara Arruti & Finn van Drenth
Director of Photography: Finn van Drenth
1st Camera Assistent/Drone Operator: Michiel Annaert
PA: Maëva Vitrac
PA: Daniëlle Flieswasser
Music: Adrien Rako 'Stones' 

Commissioned: Company XV​​​​​​​
No Matter What I Say​​​​​​​

Directed/Edit: Tamara Arruti & Finn van Drenth
Director of Photography: Finn van Drenth
Music: Matt Taylor 'No Matter What I Say'

PANT PRESS - The Tragedy

Screenwriter/Producer/Director/Editor: Pim Hegeman
Assistent Director : Nicolas Krampe 
Executive Producer: Finn van Drenth 
Director of Photography/Gaffer: Sam van Vugt
1st Camera Assistent: Joran Klooster
2nd Camera Assistant: Mike Rijks
Gaffer: Thijs van Cleef & Joep Hegeman
Sound: Rick van Deursen
Art Department: Dunja Hellebrand

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